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If you're looking for help telling a business or nonprofit's story, I am here for you — whether you need some guidance or someone to write it all for you. I love the challenge of helping leaders articulate their organization's priorities in annual reports, newsletters, letters to shareholders — whatever format reaches the right audience in the right ways. Whatever message you're trying to communicate, I can help you build your best case with my fresh and critical eye. 

The bulk of my professional career I worked as a storyteller for businesses and nonprofits; writing prospectus', developing and presenting strategic plans to board members, fundraising for nonprofits both as a grant writer and a donor and many other iterations of communicating a vision and plan. So when you need help with your messaging — on a presentation, annual report, or developing a strategy to communicate your story — I can help you.

Content Strategist and Developer

Do you need help creating a content strategy, developing it, and writing it? I can step in at any point when you are stuck.

Corporate and Nonprofit Writer and Editor

Do you need help developing content that tells the story of your company or nonprofit? I can word wrangle in alignment with your brand to deliver a consistent and compelling story.

Shine and Polish

Are you looking for a word wizard to review all your content and make it look polished and professional? Do you need a fresh set of eyes to ensure your message is consistent and shines through?

Services starting at $150/hour

Free 30-minute kick-off call to define deliverables and the scope of our work together.

Marni quickly understood our objectives and how to efficiently and effectively achieve them. She processed the complex data in our research and built a compelling and convincing white paper for our organization.

Carol Rava

Former Executive Director, Technology Alliance

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