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I coach storytellers.

If you are in the early stages of writing a memoir, narrative or prescriptive nonfiction manuscript, you may want a guide to help you transform your brilliant idea into a book.


I also roll up my editing sleeves to partner with writers who want insightful, actionable feedback on their work — I'll look at chapters and full drafts with a quick big-picture approach or a fine-tooth-comb, depending on how in-depth you want to go. I will (gently) push you to commit and embrace the driving force of your story. I love asking the tough questions about structure, motivation, story lines, and flow. And yes, if you go down a rabbit hole sharing information that isn't making your point, I will call that out, too.  

If you're looking for help telling a business or nonprofit's story, I am here for you — whether you need some guidance or someone to write it all for you. I love the challenge of helping leaders articulate their organization's priorities in annual reports, newsletters, letters to shareholders — whatever format reaches the right audience in the right ways. Whatever message you're trying to communicate, I can help you build your best case with my fresh and critical eye. 

Blank Papers
Marni was able to give constructive and actionable feedback from both a big picture and detailed perspective. Her insights helped me reshape and refine the manuscript for publication.

Colin Bryar

Author of Working Backwards

St. Martin's Press, 2021