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Hi! I'm Marni.

I'm grateful you are here to learn about me and my work.

I coach writers with big ideas who want to change lives through the power of their words. I love learning from and with my clients, and I’m honored to support them to bring their books to life.

Writing is hard.

For people like my clients who are the best of the best, but perhaps not everyday writers, it can be a daunting and unfamiliar feeling—they might like to do things that scare them, but writing a book is really scary!!


It’s important to me to connect with my clients, and for them, and you, to understand that NO ONE writes a book alone.


I support my clients every step of the way.


I have a lot of respect for this challenge and opportunity for growth, and that’s why I am also an accountability partner who will gently (but firmly) pushes my clients to do the work.

Because I offer high-touch, customized, exceptional service to my clients, I only work with a limited number of clients at one time. My clients honor deadlines and time commitments –  together we prioritize their work in the timeframe we agree to because missing deadlines can create a domino effect of delays and conflicts that may jeopardize their publishing goals.

Typically, we’ll start with one of my three entry points to coaching:

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Often, clients decide to continue working with me as they write forward or revise their proposal and sample pages. In some cases, I work with clients all the way through publication and during their book tour in a “book sherpa” capacity. This is what I mean by having a great connection—to the work, to each other, and to the success of their book in the world.


No one can promise you an agent or a Big 5 publishing deal.


What I can promise is that you will learn and grow from the experience and that you will be proud of the book you write.

My prior professional background is business and corporate development: marketing communications, strategic planning, and investment banking. I call it “storytelling for businesses.” As such, I bring an analytical and solution-driven approach to the work of coaching and editing. I am an Author Accelerator-certified coach in nonfiction and fiction and have had the pleasure of working with Girl Friday, Page Two, and She Writes Press and their writers.


"Marni's real gift is her ability to connect with writers...

... to hear what they are saying (and not saying), and help them get their expertise on the page in a way that will resonate that with their target readers. Our writers have felt deeply gratified by the outcome of their work with her."

Christina Henry de Tessan

VP, Strategic Partnerships, Girl Friday Productions

Who I Work With
  • CEOs

  • Founders

  • Visionaries

  • Executive Directors

  • Innovators

  • Professors / Educators / PhDs writing for trade

  • Leaders

I’m a connector and I love working with people. As a side-hustle I have taught some type of fitness class since the early ‘90s. One thing that surprises people about me is that I am an American Contract Bridge League Junior Life Master. 


I love my dog, that he sleeps with one eye open, and the way all 19 pounds of him snores like a 300-pound man. I live in Seattle with my two sons (and daughter when she’s home from college), husband, and said small dog.

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