About Me

I am a student at my core. As a kid I was ALWAYS reading everywhere I went (okay, sometimes to escape chores). In college I studied English literature so I could read as much as possible —I even started a Ph.D. before realizing that three more years in a library wasn't going to work with my exuberant personality.  

Fast forward to a decade in banking and corporate development, still learning, but now about companies and building strategies to make them more cost effective (it sounds snoozy, but when you love a learning challenge, there are great puzzles to solve). 

And then I became even more a student of life — as a mother, community volunteer, yoga teacher and general work in progress.

Today? I'm still all of those things but I've taken my love of reading and learning to serve YOU—reading and learning about your work and helping you to make your dreams a reality.


Sharing your work is terrifying, whether it's memoir or fiction or prescriptive about your business expertise — it's deeply personal because it's part of you! I'm an experienced and safe person for you to share this vessel of heart and thought and time; I can support you to write and refine your best possible story and I'm so excited to walk this path beside you. 

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