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Book Coaching

Do you have a story in your head that only you can tell? Do you want a guide to keep you accountable and help you get the that story onto the page? That's what a book coach does! Cheerleader, project manager, task master, tough love critic, insightful listener, guide. Yes, like an athlete, you will have to practice (kind of like drills!) in order to hone your craft and deliver the best possible outcome. Like an athlete, you will have to set many small goals along the way in order to achieve your big goal — a polished book!

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I am here to help you share your knowledge with the world. I will help you translate the idea from your head, onto the page, so that readers can begin to make the impactful change your idea imagines.

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Writing a memoir is deeply personal and intense. It’s difficult to think of yourself as a character in your story. It can also be hard to decide what the one big thing is you want to say and how to say it with clarity, purpose, and authentic emotion. I'll work with you from the very beginning and guide you step by step through the rest of the process.

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You have a brilliant idea for a story but you aren’t sure where to start. Together we can work to make your vision a reality by creating a blueprint for your manuscript, revising it and preparing it for an agent. This stages are designed to get your best manuscript into the hands of readers!

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