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Marni was a set of fresh eyes on an unpublished novel of mine. Her feedback was very perceptive and smart!

Garth Stein

Author of The Art of Racing In The Rain

Marni was able to give constructive and actionable feedback from both a big picture and detailed perspective. Her insights helped me reshape and refine the manuscript for publication.

Colin Bryar

Author of Working Backwards

St. Martin's Press, 2021

Marni helped me decipher my core themes and understand how to build from one point to the next. When my writing got particularly opaque, she talked me through the material with her characteristic wisdom, deep philosophical insight, and effective questions. She offered pragmatic writing tools and guidance, as well as a strong intuitive sense of what was most important about my work. She consistently helped me to pull my focus back to what really mattered. She is an alchemist who helped transform my hot mess of jumbled ideas into a lucid text.  I literally feel like she taught me how to write the book that I wanted to write!
Crazy for Birds.jpeg

Misha Blaise

Marni’s keen insights and direction on the structure and content of the chapters she reviewed for The Grit Factor was incredibly helpful! She understood how to guide me, in my own voice, to weave the powerful anecdotes of female leaders into a unified story of grit.
The Grit Factor.jpeg

— Shannon Huffman Polson
Author of The Grit Factor, Harvard Business Review Press, September 2020

Marni did an excellent job helping us with the substantive edit of Absolute Expert: Pandas, 2019 Nat Geo Kids. She hit the perfect tone and identified the ideal depth of content for the target audience.

Karen McNally Upson

Senior Editor, Girl Friday Productions

Marni's real gift is her ability to authentically  connect with writers ...

... to hear what they are saying (and not saying), and help them get their expertise on the page in a way that will resonate that with their target readers. Our writers have felt deeply gratified by the outcome of their work with her.

From a publisher’s standpoint Marni has been excellent to partner with. In working with clients in the first phase of our process, her customer-facing delivery and professionalism are paramount.

But so too is her ability to communicate with the team, keeping us current on client progress, meeting deadlines, and making recommendations for moving the client forward.


Marni’s accountability and feel for a project are valuable project-management tools. She is a pleasure to work with and our clients feel connected to her, their work, and our organization as a result.

Christina Henry de Tessan

VP, Strategic Partnerships, Girl Friday Productions

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