There are many kinds of editors but I am primarily a developmental editor, which means I like to take a partial or full manuscript and help you to make it the absolute best it can be (copy editors, you have my deepest respect, but that’s not me!). I may suggest work on character development, story arc, arc of change, making sure your “jacket copy” point is shining through and any other refinements that will make your story the best it can be.

From there, if you would like to work together to trouble shoot on any of my comments, you may want to look at using me as your book coach!

Services to get started

First three chapters (or 30 pages) review

Do you have a few chapters and the need for feedback? Want to know what’s working and not working for your efforts so far?

Cost: $100, includes a brief editorial letter and 30-minute phone call


Agent-style manuscript review

Do you have a complete manuscript? Do you want a sense of what’s working and what isn’t before you dive deeper into a revision? I will read it like an agent would and we can decide where to go from there.

Cost: $100, includes a brief editorial letter and 30-minute phone call.


More to read, more to learn

Manuscript assessment

Are you looking for a full manuscript review that helps you identify big picture issues?

Cost: $500 (for 50K words), includes an editorial letter and 30-minute phone call.


Manuscript audit

Are you ready for a thorough audit of your manuscript? More of a full cavity search....

Cost: $1,000 (for 50K words), includes a detailed and actionable editorial letter plus a 60-minute phone call to flesh out any issues identified in the letter.


Fresh eyes

Do you have a contract with a publisher for a book in development? If you want a professional read from someone who isn’t on your team (but who’s rooting for you!), I can be a fresh set of eyes.

Cost: $750 (for 50K words), includes editorial letter and 30-minute phone call.

Marni did an excellent job helping us with the substantive edit of Absolute Expert: Pandas, 2019 Nat Geo Kids. She hit the perfect tone and identified the ideal depth of content for the target audience.

Karen McNally Upson

Senior Editor, Girl Friday Productions

We hired Marni to edit our annual report, but she did so much more than edit; she helped us organize our priorities, make our message consistent, and shine and polish our language throughout. We appreciated her thoughtful insights and tactical execution.
Mary Beth Lambert
Director, Marketing and Communications
University Prep, Seattle