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Fiction Coaching

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I absolutely love fiction based on true stories — for me it gets to the very best of gripping storytelling. The hook, the dramatization of the characters, the freedom it allows the storyteller. It can be gritty or fun or deeply meaningful and I love all the ways we see characters evolve in these stories, knowing they are based on real people. 

1. First things first ...

Experienced writers do not just sit down to the computer and start to write—they plan first. A lot. Sometimes for years. And we won’t take that long, but we will build a base to work from so that when you do sit down to write you can do it confidently and efficiently.

Notebook and Fountain Pen
Fiction Fundamentals, Structure, and Scenes

2. Onto your manuscript ...

Once you get the fundamentals down, choose from two options for fiction manuscript coaching ...

Open Book.
Strong Start

for Fiction Writers

Focused Finish

for Fiction Writers

If you're not sure which package is right for you, don't worry about it. We can figure this out together!

3. Get ready to go for it!

When you're ready to share your manuscript with the world, we will start by discussing what publishing options might be right for you (traditional, self-publish, indie, hybrid, ebook, etc.). From there, we will see what you need—this could go any number of ways depending on your direction to get your book published.

Stacked Books
Path to Publish

for Fiction Writers

Do you have a manuscript that feels finished?

I'll review it and give you the feedback you need to feel confident that it's ready for prime time!

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