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Flexible freelancing for hybrid and independent publishers

Expert guidance that improves results and saves time

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More about me

I'm a book coach and developmental editor. I freelance coach and edit independently for hybrid and independent publishers.

What I bring to my publishing partners is the high-level editorial expertise and professionalism that you expect from an in-house editor, with the flexibility and limited overhead of a contractor.


I provide a high-touch, efficient way to get the client’s story on the page in a way that the client feels supported, seen and successful.


My niche is narrative and prescriptive nonfiction in business leadership.

I also enjoy a broad variety of content in narrative nonfiction, including hybrid self-help, memoir and the occasional fiction based on real-life events.

With narrative and prescriptive nonfiction, even writers with a full manuscript often lack clarity of point, narrative drive, and the opportunity for reader transformation. With memoir, most writers lack a clean and clear arc of change.

To address these deficits, I triage the most urgent issues and take the writer through a series of deliverables that bring clarity and focus to the work. 

Marni's real gift is her ability to authentically  connect with writers ...

... to hear what they are saying (and not saying), and help them get their expertise on the page in a way that will resonate that with their target readers. Our writers have felt deeply gratified by the outcome of their work with her.

From a publisher’s standpoint Marni has been excellent to partner with. In working with clients in the first phase of our process, her customer-facing delivery and professionalism are paramount.

But so too is her ability to communicate with the team, keeping us current on client progress, meeting deadlines, and making recommendations for moving the client forward.


Marni’s accountability and feel for a project are valuable project-management tools. She is a pleasure to work with and our clients feel connected to her, their work, and our organization as a result.

Christina Henry de Tessan

VP, Strategic Partnerships, Girl Friday Productions

Want to work together?

I offer structured and customizable packages that will fit seamlessly into your author pipeline.

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