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Developing your nonfiction manuscript

You have something important to say ...

And you're an expert in your field of interest. Your idea for your book is different than the other books out there—either because you have a different angle on your subject, or a different structure, or a completely different point of view. But you haven’t written for someone who doesn’t know your topic as well as you do. And that’s where I can help you take your idea all the way to a full manuscript because I am your target reader.

Working on Rooftop

It doesn’t happen overnight—no successful writer sits down with an idea and just bangs out a book (read Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit for inspiration and you’ll see what I mean.) But if you work hard at the beginning, by the time you sit down to write you will be writing confidently and efficiently! I will push you hard you get there by working with you first on foundation and then diving into drafting—hand-in-hand.

1. First things first ...

My goal for all the nonfiction writers I coach is an absolutely rock solid argument and a compelling reader transformation. Wherever you are in your process, you'll write a better book if you first take a step back and invest some focused time on the fundamentals.

Design Book
Nonfiction Fundamentals

2. Onto your manuscript ...

Once you get the fundamentals down, choose from two options for manuscript coaching ...

Computer Keyboard
Strong Start

Nonfiction Manuscript Coaching

Focused Finish

Nonfiction Manuscript Coaching

If you're not sure which package is right for you, don't worry about it. We can figure this out together!

3. Get ready to go for it!

If you're choosing not to pursue a deal with a traditional publisher, there are lots of indie and hybrid publishers out there that could be a great fit. They'll give you more editorial control, more opportunity to say what you want, the way you want to say it. Indie and hybrid publishers ask for an upfront investment from writers, with greater returns to you when your book sells. If the idea of marketing your book gives you the willies, my job is to help you get over it. Because you'll have to do some marketing if you want people to buy and read your book!

Image by Kimberly Farmer
Path to Publish

Nonfiction Manuscript Coaching

Do you have a manuscript that feels finished?

I'll review it and give you the feedback you need to feel confident that it's ready for prime time!

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