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Developing your nonfiction book proposal

If you're writing a nonfiction book and hoping to land a deal with an agent and traditional publisher (Harper Collins, Penguin Random House, etc.) submitting a stellar proposal will give you your best shot at getting noticed.

7 elements of a strong book  proposal

1. First things first ...

My goal for all the nonfiction writers I coach is an absolutely rock solid argument and a compelling reader transformation. Wherever you are in your process, you'll write a better book if you first take a step back and invest some focused time on the fundamentals.

Design Book
Nonfiction Fundamentals

2. Onto your proposal ...

Building on the foundation, we will develop all seven elements of a formal proposal. This is a heavy lift and requires a serious commitment of resources to get your brilliant idea into the hands of someone who can sell it (and you!) to a publisher for a traditional deal.

Blank Papers
Build Your Proposal

Nonfiction Proposal Coaching

3. Get ready to go for it!

Pitching agents involves research to identify the most likely matches for your idea, a tiered effort to approach them, a careful look at their feedback, and a discussion of the type of agent you are looking to partner with.  

Stack of Books
Path to Publish

Nonfiction Proposal Coaching

Do you have a proposal that feels ready to show an agent?

I'll review it and give you the feedback you need to feel confident that it's ready for prime time!

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